Configure the router and write down the DVR settings to access the cameras remotely.
Install a remote client that supports the respective DVR.


Click on NET


Host name (ip) Port 80**, Username, Password.

Click on the screen with your right mouse button.
Choose channel 1
Now you can see the 2 screens of the computer to start up on full screen

Download a Wake On Lan tool


Now you have to find the MAC (physical) address of the computer you want to start up.

Note that MAC address.
You see dashes between the numbers


Start that WOL tool and fill in the MAC address. 
Instead of those dashes type your double dots 52:56:42...........


For internal (if you're already behind the router) choose local and for external access to the internet.


The WOL function does it.

If you have installed team viewer
(vpn) you can pull the desktop to your own pc and also to turn it off again.