Broadcast missed and/or Netflix won't work (W7 & W8-8.1)

Silverlight problem with PlayReady out of date file

In general, steps 1 and 2 are sufficient. 

But first check if another browser works properly.

Firefox used to have Moonlight as a counterpart for Silverlight and had many problems.

Install Revo  uninstaller  the freeware version 

Start Revo.

Click Silverlight with your right mouse button and choose to delete.
At a certain moment you see that the number of register references is being inventoried.
This may take a while, because that will continue until approximately 2,700.
If you have already tried to install Silverlight a few times, the counter can reach 22,000 or more. 
Every time you get an update (together with regular Windows updates) 2,700 will be added again.
Revo continues and then you will see all register references.
Click on select and delete everything and then next.
If you see more register references, delete them.
Restart the computer.

Eliminate further residue files.
Windows 7,8 and 10 have a worthless search function.
Install and start Search Everything.

Wait a moment, because the hard disk will be scanned, it can take some time depending on the capacity.
Type Silverlight at the top and then remove everything you see on the screen.

Install Silverlight again

Check if Netflix will work.
No success?

Type in the search window: hidden.
Then choose to display hidden files
Click on start computer
Program data
Delete the mspr. hds file 
Test Silverlight. 
That creates a new file in PlayReady.