Macrium Reflect Error Messages
Red errorlines

Error 9
According to Macrium, there would be an error on the hard drive.
It turns out there isn't.
It's due to an older version of Macrium that can't handle it after an upgrade of Windows 10.
Uninstall Macrium and install the latest version.

XML error disk 2 (or 3) not valid

Missing VSS writers

Missing VSS writers
It means that the Volume Shadow Copy service is not on.
Go to services ( services.msc)
Find that service, set it to automatic and then start

XML error disk  2 (of 3) not valid
The path, the command to save the image to D, is not well defined.

We're gonna have to do it again.

Klik op Backup Definition Files

Click on My Backup.xml with the right mouse button

Klik op edit

Then click on next and finish.
Now create an image