The economic and environmental benefits of Thin Clients 

Creating a multi-user server with Thin Clients on a regular PC

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Disassembly and assembly of a computer

Making a network cable

Thin Clients are used because they offer great advantages in purchasing, maintenance and running costs compared to traditional PCs.
This also results in a smaller ecological footprint


10 normal PCs use 3,500 watts.
An extra group of 16 amps is needed for this.
10 Thin Clients with a server use 1,100 watts. 

This saves 4,000 kw annually.
The consumption of a family with 4 persons.

Apart from the costs to be saved, every kw that does not need to be generated also means less CO2 emissions.

Thin Clients also produce much less heat, which saves on the cost of cooling in summer.

Apprentices Zadkine Rotterdam and Mondriaan place Thin client systems in The Hague

Instituut Het Centrum


Hart van Moerwijk

Stichting Morgenstond