Steganography is the nightmare of every system administrator, who is responsible for keeping confidential data and data within the company.
How can steganography be applied?
Data is hidden in an image and placed/uploaded somewhere so that it can be downloaded outside the company.
You work as an ICT administrator at a company where confidential data may not be disclosed.
You have already switched off the CD burner and the USB in the bios and the system cabinet is closed to prevent resetting of the bios
You can still hide (compressed) data in an image.
Now the question how to prevent such an image from being sent with data.

Possible measures:
Blocking PC's

Mail attachment max. 2mb

Disable CMD 

But it is still possible to put that image on the internet as a fake ad, and to retrieve it elsewhere.
Other options include uploading images to an account somewhere in the cloud.

A limit must therefore be set on what can be uploaded and/or sent from the company computer at most
It is annoying for e-mails with large attachments, but choices still have to be made..

Request HTTP limits max. upload size

Next point: what about HTTPS?

But they can still go back to the old-fashioned shipping as an alternative.