Availability against sexual harassment in IT

This is necessary, as the National Labour Conditions Survey (NEA) shows.
In 2016,6.8 percent of women in IT reported that they received regular or often sexually unwanted attention from colleagues and direct managers.
This is twice as much as the average on the Dutch labour market.
By way of comparison, not half as many women (3.3%) feel sexually intimidated in construction.
In the Netherlands, sexologist and psychologist Willeke Bezemer has been doing research on this subject for decades.

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But you can also add a fictitious male business partner to your site and mail and negotiate on their behalf.
How two women circumvent sexism in the tech world (mirror)

If you are harassed at work, start building a file immediately.
Preferably you would like to graze them by pedalling them in front of the balls, but you won't win that much.

Sexsistic mails will therefore be sent to your private email address and saved in a folder at home.
Not on the PC of your work.
Idem with whatsapp messages, Facebook etc.
You can then use this file to drag a large amount of compensation out if the situation threatens to get out of hand and you are dismissed or made redundant from misery yourself.
Companies are dying of their image being damaged.