Windows 10 settings

Fix Screen flashing issue in Windows 10

Desktop continues to restart after upgrade 1809 and users complain about missing data
The image is that when the computer is started, the icons on the desktop and the taskbar appear on the screen. and that after a few seconds they jump away and it looks like the desktop is being refreshed.
And that goes on and on.
You can try to start up msconfig as if in a kind of race against the clock.
In safe mode, however, the image does not move and the solution can be implemented.
But if you have the Windows 7 start button of Classic/Open Shell, that's the problem, and you will have to remove it first.

But you can try this first if you don't use a Classic/Open Shell.

1. Type msconfig  in the search window

2. Click on Services tab, find two services named Problem Reports and Solution Control Panel
and Windows Error Reporting Service (check the screenshot below), uncheck them to disable.
If Windows prompts you for a restart, do it.