Windows 10 settings

Restore read only memory MBR and GPT with Macrium Reflect resque CD

If you have a machine that doesn't want to start up at all, you can use a Macrium recovery CD/USB stick to try and recover it anyway, it's actually an image program that allows you to make a complete copy of the C including operating system.
In that recovery CD/USB stick contains an unexpected option.
This allows you to restore a previously created image, but in this case it is about restoring the start-up system itself.
The partition without a letter of 450-500mb with hidden files.

Download and install Macrium Reflect Free on a well-functioning Windows 10 machine with a CD/DVD burner.
Home, Pro, 32 or 64 bits does not matter.
Choose Home Use, which is free.

Start Macrium reflect

Click left on the CD icon and burn a recovery CD or use a USB flash drive.

Start the defective machine with that CD or USB stick.
However, it is possible to adapt the bios.
Don't get nervous, because it just takes a long time before the program is started.

Then you will eventually see the option Fix Boot in the upper left corner. 
Click there
The Windows 10 installation is searched for.
If it is found, stand on it and then next.
Just continue and make no separate choices.
With a bit of luck, that machine now wants to start up.

This recovery option is indispensable if you clone hard disks.
Usually this 450-500 mb partition also gets a drive letter.
Remove that letter.

Een image, kopie van C maken met Macrium reflect

Start Macrium Reflect

Leave only a check mark at C

Klick on image this disk

The image is saved on D.
Then click on Finish and OK.