All of the following is just symptom control.
They are all patches that only work cosmetically so that the problem is no longer visible.

Another one makes it even more beautiful by just not showing the whole dashboard anymore.

The problem was not there after the installation of server 2016.
Only after installing Exchange everything became red.
But one consolation. If you have a problem you are not the only one.

The following doesn't solve the problem itself.
You only hide it.
That doesn't really make sense. 
Although "Look chief, all green.



This dashboard shows all your connected servers, and their roles.  It also will display a red color if any of them have outstanding alerts.  In the above graphic – you can see that I have issues with “Manageability”.  You can click “Manageability” which is a hyperlink and brings up:



I can see the issue is, that BPA results are unavailable.  This is because I haven't run a BPA scan yet.  We can run a BPA scan via the UI, or PowerShell.

In the UI – select a server or role, and scroll down to Best Practices Analyzer.  Choose Tasks, and start BPA Scan.



To do the same thing in PowerShell, see:  http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh831400.aspx

Open a PowerShell prompt as an Administrator.  Run “Get-BPAModel|Invoke-BPAModel” 



Note:  This may throw a ton of errors as it tries to inspect the BPA model for roles and features that are not present on this server.


Comment met fout ?
I think the complete PowerShell solution might look like:

1. get-bpamodel | invoke-bpamodel

2. get-bpamodel | get-bparesult | set-bparesult -exlclude $false

Oh, I meant:
1. get-bpamodel | invoke-bpamodel

2. get-bpamodel | get-bparesult | set-bparesult -exlclude $true


Once this completes, and we refresh Server Manager, I can see I still have issues, however, they are no longer about the BPA not being run under Manageability, they have shifted to issues with BPA results, and my Hyper-V role shows healthy:



Now – we can go into the BPA results, and determine if we want to correct each, or ignore.  I am going to exclude the results of the Filer Services not being installed:




Voila!  Healthy Dashboard: